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Nikon Z9 Camera Focusing Speed and Hummingbird Photos

By: Brad R Lewis
Location: Bay Area  - CA - USA
Topic: Nikon Z9 Focus Speed and Hummingbird Photos - Day 1 Impressions

Short-tailed Albatross Monterey Bay, California

By: Brad R Lewis
Location: Monterey Bay - Santa Cruz, Moss Landing, Monterey, Point Lobos - CA - USA
Topic: Documentation for research of Short-tailed Albatross  in Monterey Bay

Photographing Humpback Whales Lunge feeding - Monterey Bay, California

Photographing Wild Parrots - San Diego, California

Photographing Tule Elk – San Luis National Wildlife Refuge, California

Photographing Leucistic Anna’s Hummingbird, Arboretum UCSC

Photographing Great Horned Owls – Merced National Wildlife Refuge

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